Research / Planning / Action


Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and we, at AppDairy company, have no interest in playing with fire. As we start, we gather a clear picture of the requirements of the client, and subsequently dig deeper into the functional features of the end product. Whether it be an open source platform like Wordpress, or be it the mainframe development for an app, we paint a clear picture of what we are trying to build in our heads, and then go on about the next phase i.e. planning.


After mapping out clear and concise requirements for the projects we undertake, we focus on creating a road map for the developmental stage. Now, that includes distribution of various segments of app or website development to suited personnel, setting up deadlines and goals for percentage based progress, and most importantly, formulation of a step-by-step strategy that enables us to keep our clients up to date with what exactly goes on.


No amount of planning or research can do any wonders if the execution falls short. Therefore, that is the most imperative phase of our projects. Everything works according to a system, and as the prototype for an app or a website comes into existence, the debugging begins thereafter. After the elimination of every probable setback, owing to a number of quality checks and system reports, we present our project to the client. Eventually, we reach a point where we successfully deploy our projects, and carry on with our post-development responsibilities i.e. maintenance and upgrade.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

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