About AppDairy

AppDairy is one of the leading and fast growing Web and Mobile App development company based in Bengaluru. Our aim is to provide service to small and large scale business to stay connected with technology

As a group of like-minded individuals came together, sharing an interest in the development of creative ideas, AppDairy company witnessed its foundation in Bangalore in the year 2016. Ever since we have formed a reputation for delivering our best in the areas of web development, mobile application development, graphic design, digital marketing and more. By simply striving to create the best version of the product our clients imagine, we are able to incorporate all our resources and technological brilliance into a singular process that yields the kind of end products we are proud to have created.

Our Mission

At AppDairy company, we aim for one simple thing i.e. customer satisfaction. Every project we undertake is well researched, thoroughly planned and carefully executed. Every step of the way, we keep it in the back of your heads what the customer expects out of us. Needless to say, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of customer satisfaction, which is why it has almost been a year now, and we are still afloat and growing stronger each day.

Our Vision

The strongest asset for a creative mind is imagination. Whether it be the process of graphic design, web development or app development, nothing can initiate without a powerful initial vision of the product. Similarly, we, at AppDairy company, have a vision for the future. By lending a hand to the uncanny tech minds out there in bringing their ideas to life, we not only aim to make a name for ourselves but to stay true to the creative process. Just like Steve Jobs, we want to put a ding in the universe!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are your standard terms and conditions?

We can offer different types of contracts. If you didn't elaborate on all your requirements and if your design is not yet prepared and can subsequently change during the development process, we would feel more comfortable with a time & material contract. If the scope of work is well defined, we can provide a fixed price. After negotiating the contract, the development work begins according to its terms and conditions.

May I propose my own conditions?

We are quite flexible and ready to consider your suggestions.

Will I be able to monitor and control the development progress?

Absolutely. We can submit development reports, current source code and application demos on a regular basis. We can give you ftp access to all development files to see and control the development process at any time you like.

Do you provide with system documentation?

Yes. The SRS document along with the code and added comments is supplied to the client at the end of the project.

Can I get a list of all your resources and their qualifications and experience?

We cannot really provide you with this information, as our list of resources is quite exhaustive. However, you can be assured that all our team members are experienced and well-trained to complete their assigned tasks in a flawless way.

Our Objective

At AppDairy, our objective is not to establish a room full of accolades by hook or crook but to deliver excellence in the fields we work in, and subsequently, earn a reputation for it. After every project we successfully deploy, we make sure that we take a detailed input from our clients. As we do that, we insist them to point out an area in which we can improve. Consequently, with each passing day, we improve for the better. That is what our objective is, to be the best in the market, by getting better every step of the way!

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